We are one of the leading Food & Product Photographers and Stylists in Delhi NCR.
We also specialise in Interior & Architectural Photography.
Photography | Styling | Art Direction | Post-Production
Abhishek Vats

Founder | Photographer, Retoucher, Editor & Food Stylist

From an amateur to a professional photographer specialising in genres like Food, Product and Interior, it’s been a long journey of exploration, unlearning and self-learning. What started as a passion for capturing moments from my phone lens, I chose to convert this hobby like love into building something that my heart always ached for! Though I had an almost perfectly (pun not intended) great stint, for close to 15 years in the corporate world with some of the world’s most renowned brands like Amazon, Walmart and Mcdonald's, it was the camera that found my eye and the palette that caught my passion. As an avid traveller, I always look for ways to connect with people and over years I have learnt that a story put through a lens is something more than what can be expressed through words.
As a commercial photographer specialising in genres of Food, Product and Interior photography, over the past 2 years I’ve had the opportunity and privilege to work with over 45+ brands and help them create some amazing still and motion content for their marketing and various other platforms. This not only helped them boost their visibility but also helped establish their name in their specific industries through the right marketing and social media campaigns. 
Lastly, I believe there is always more to explore, but, I go by the motto of learning and the lines that stood by me throughout – 
‘Do what you love, love what you do!’
Abhijeet Vats
Editor, Designer & Food Stylist
As a professional Graphic/UI Designer & Illustrator, with an experience of more than 10+ years in the corporate sector, creativity was always in my blood. Thus I decided to keep them flowing by getting together with Abhishek to create our own photography company and did not think twice before joining him as an Editor and Designer, it is during this incredible journey that, I was able to identify this love for food and set up styling as well.
Post my graduation in Mass Communication, anything which swept away my mind was design, colours and amazing design software, which made me enter into this profession of being a Graphic Designer. Having worked for multiple sectors as a designer viz. Advertising, E-commerce, Fintech, Loyalty and much more, I have explored and learnt a lot. It was high time to get into something on our own and look forward to something which interests me more thus upgrading my skills to another level.
Our Top Clients
Gears Used
Camera: Nikon Z6
Lens : Nikkor 50 mm 1.4 g | Nikkor 105mm macro f2.8 | Nikkor Z f4s 24-70 mm
Studio Lights: Godox SK400 II Strobe Lights & Godox SL60 Continuous Lights
Tripod: Vanguard Alta Pro 263 AT
Editing Software: Adobe Lightroom | Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Premiere Pro | Adobe After Effects
Music for Videos: Envato Elements
Props & Backdrops
A varied collection of high-quality hand painted and printed backdrops and props which includes ceramic crockeries, brassware, wooden collection, designer cutleries, glassware & other related props. We keep updating our backdrops and props collection on a regular basis based on the current trends and client requirement.
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